In-reply-to » Iceland seems like a nice place to be right now.

It’s about time to move while we still can! We had another heavy hail storm. 10-15mm diameter on average, maxing out at about 25mm. Oh boy. And my funnel contraption into the bucket at the cables in the basement were dead on.


Two larger streams were pouring out of the now porous looking mortar around the cables. Cool fountain in the basement. You would have thought that the right one was the bad one, but no, that one only dripped. I caught it just in time, not even half a minute later and the bucket would have spilled over. I estimate 60-75l water in total were about to mess up the floor again. Crisis averted.


Gotta upgrade the bucket to a rain barrel until this is fixed.

Shortly after, I heared the fire brigade responding a couple of times.

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