In-reply-to » They say AI is now filling up the content of the Internet with gaslighting posts from humans who do not exist and tweets from machines who make up stuff. Nowadays we discuss things with bots, not humans.

Thanks for the video link bro, I watched i t for a while, over an hour !! Question, why do IPads listen to people, collecting every conversation we say, and the ads come to our phones based on that conversation. What do they do with all the content, stored digitally for ever? Allow robotic AI machines to talk local talk, like humans do?
Are we humans losing our abilities to be unique? Are machines so to take over? I see this as a real threat.

I suspect the end of humans as a species is near, and soon robotic AI machines will speak and talk just like humans can.

But for now, how does one protect the words we speak and write from machines that steal our intellectual property? Google claims it helps more people search and read our stuff? Hmm? If we forget what we speak after a week, than our words should die with us. I can read what I wrote from aged 17, I have diaries, and my words should remain there, in my books. How does reading a 17 yr old way back in 1970 help a 17 yr old living in a different world?

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