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@prologic I could but I like to have a site (like algorave.dk/videos) where people can just see my content instead of having to go to youtube. And then you don’t need to upload the video to more platforms. It works fine in my #pixelblog, which it what i’m testing. I should probally include a link and a image as well as a fallback, when posting videos like this in the fututer. Regarding advertising on youtube then ublock origin is taking care of that.

In-reply-to > @prologic this seems to be missing "like" functionality, which maybe you never intended to implement.

@kayos I don’t really see the issue with bots that you are suggesting, since twtxt/yarn is purely pull, and not push. So there might be a bunch of twtxt.txt files replying or mentioning you in a lot of post, but unless you actively follow those feeds you will not get the noise.

In-reply-to > @prologic Yeah, I get that. If it's impractical, it's not a problem. I just hate when people see my nickname as one word, so being able to change it to either "the canine" or "TheCanine" would be cool and I think there are more people, who would also want the chance to capitalize some letters in their nicknames, so if we get capital letters working, there'll be less need for spaces. 🤔

the url for the .txt should be the username and then nick can be whatever