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I’m starting to think that it is not just still the case today, but has always been that way and cannot be any other way. It is just that what we classify as “religion” is but narrow sample of the broader phenomenon.


@prologic@twtxt.net Moreover, using a URI as the host/reference-point of a conversation (which differs from a mention) - feels like it detracts from the goal of decentralization. I understand the desire to disambiguate context, but it seems to be an overkill with more drawbacks than benefits.


@prologic@twtxt.net Checking-out how you guys used hashtags to track conversations - it is undoubtedly clever! It doesn’t quite feel right to me though - too-heavyweight, too-specific and clutters the text-only reading experience. Plain old hashtags could still accommodate this use-case without these drawbacks (just postfix a hashtag with a unique-enough ID #for-example-hg7c3n).


There’s something noticeably distinguished about the personalities I see involved in the circles of Lisps. A certain intellectual bravery and broadness of curiosity that just feels different from anywhere else, including other FP circles (some examples: Erik Naggum, Francois-Rene Rideau, range of topics and personalities at http://lisp.nyc/).