Recent twts in reply to #yntzbtq

As I said to @lyse today on IRC, I shall not:

  1. Edit a twt.
  2. Delete a twt.

I am further challenging myself to:

  1. Twt with substance or, at least, with certain verbosity. That is, no one liners.
  2. Reply twts in kind, following what’s stated on 1.
  3. Use emoji sparingly, only when their use would help clarify or convey the message stated.


@fastidious I think this is pretty good social equity personally myself 👌 What prompted you guys to discuss this and to come to this conclusion? 🤔 – My only worry is the Edit/Delete must be supported for various legal and privacy reasons and “right to forget” type stuff, so whilst you may choose to avoid deleting/editing, that’s fine, but we should not expect others to.

I’m also a little worried about over prescribing “behaviour” if you will or creating a “set of rules” per se. I personally don’t see or find anything wrong with an occasional one-liner and you know I’m prolific with emojis 😂


@jlj @ullarah That’s precisely my point. One of the motivating reasons why I set about creating what is now Yarn.social was to avoid this type of problem in the first place. Yes there is such a thing as “Internet Etiquette” or “Social Equity” but to create hard and fast rules around such things leads to other bad things like “Moderation” and “Censorship” which is an absolute no on in my books. As long as you abide by fairly sensible and hopefully obvious commonsense Abuse Policy / Community Guidelines (synonymous terms) we’re all good! 👌

The moment we start inventing rules and imposing our ideals on others we end
up in all kinds of messy stick situations, like what just happened just now 🤣


I guess what I’m trying to say is this… The sentiment and “good intent” of @lyse and @fastidious’s discussions on IRC that lead to this are all well and good; but let’s be careful not to create unwelcoming, unfair standards and let’s be mindful of our own internal biases.



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