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Been over ten years now: exemption visa (ending 2013) ⇨ visitor visa ⇨ charity worker visa ⇨ charity worker visa extension (until early 2015) ⇨ fiancé visa ⇨ spousal visa / start of the ‘five year route’ ⇨ halfway point check-in (plus fees, obvs; 2017) ⇨ indefinite leave to remain visa ⇨ ? (citizenship 🤞)

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@jlj@twt.nfld.uk I once heard the UK immigration process was hellishly long. You have proved it now. In the States, once you get a Permanent Residence, you wait five years, and can apply for naturalisation. I understand, though, that getting into the country legally, and obtaining that Permanent Residence to start with, can be quite hard.

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I remember when doing this process with my wife. During the halfway point we brought all sorts of documentation to show commingling of assets and showing we had “built a life together” .. we get to the interview and they just ask if we have a Costco card together. :|

good luck to you!

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