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In-reply-to > Boston, I'm breaking up with you. #covid19

If tamer would have done a slight research, he would have seeing that screenshot he got from social media is, yet again, more misinformation. Of course, he will not believe that Reuters article neither, because “all big media is bad, and in cahoots with the devil”.

Would tamer had done some research, he would have found mRNA vaccines do not alter DNA; tamer would have known more about the myths and facts on the COVID vaccines. But then again, governments are bad, who is going to trust them, right? Better trust another nut-job’s “article” on, because, you know, and again, government is bad, medical experts don’t know shit, and the ideas of this person I know nothing about sound more down my alley. After all, tamer believes “real misinformation is coming from Bill Gates, big pharma, Soros”. Boys and girls, we’ve won the fucking lottery!

I am willing to bet tamer also believes Trump was cheated on the election, that Hillary drinks children blood, that Q is real. With a thick New Yorkian accent, get the fuck outta here!

Oh, and in case it wasn’t clear, plunk.