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Recent twts from movq I can’t fetch your feed anymore. 🤔 DNS doesn’t resolve. This is what I see in my bind log:

DNS format error from resolving for empty question section

Trying a dig +trace … ends with:

couldn't get address for '': failure


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Since we’re on the brink of nuclear war anyway, I bought an electric double bass, because why the heck not:


Regular bass guitar for size comparison. That thing is huge.

I still suck at playing it, naturally, but it’s a looot of fun. And the posture is much more comfortable than that of a guitar, where you have to twist your left hand like a maniac. 🥴

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In-reply-to » Boy, it was fricking cold with the wind today. Can't believe that just three weeks ago I was sweating like a pig. But the rain clouds were pretty nice. Only my camera struggled very much with these lighing conditions. Basically half of the images totally blurred. The bird sits on a sign and at the bottom of the sign, there’s a bicycle with an arrow above it (pointing towards the bird). I changed the bicycle to an icon of a bird. 🥴

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