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Well… Friday of learning new stuff on Unity and Rust, I was forgetting what it was like to take courses for hours and be stuck. Rust, you freaking lang.
The training on Unity is going great, with small lessons of 15 minutes you feel you are doing/learning a lot, the kind of course I like.

In-reply-to > When I was joking about profile pictures devolving into even worse shapes in Web 3.0, I was not serious, but sadly not wrong either. Now for the low price of 3 dollars/month and your dignity, you can have your Twitter NFT profile picture be verified, by being put into a hexagon. https://twitter.com/TwitterBlue

I struggle on writing in English, sorry in advance 😬



These days the ‘microscandal’ for Jodorowsky’s “Dune” bible happened. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/amansethi/spicedao-dunedao-soby

It’s really interesting to me how technology like crypto (whatever that means), Non-Fungible Tokens, public/private keys, etc. etc. will redefine what we define as ownership. Mainly when the ownership of digital goods and working in an online world will be greater than the physical alternatives.

I wrote a few ideas about the ‘isms’ we require for our lives https://text.eapl.mx/quick-ideas-about-isms-and-ownership