Hi, I'm Anthony and I'm a computer scientist

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~ $ adb connect
adb: usage: adb connect <host>[:<port>]
~ [1]$ adb connect
missing port in specification: tcp:

Hello adb, those square brackets around :<port> are supposed to mean it’s optional.

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The real meaning of “meaningful whitespace” is that you’re constantly replacing tabs with spaces or vice versa to make the compiler stop complaining even though the code looked fine to you the entire time.

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The vast majority of visits to my web server are:

  • Me
  • People or bots looking for vulnerabilities
  • Web crawlers

with about 0.5% of traffic being legitimate, not-me visitors.

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It is 2022 how the heck are you emailing someone login credentials including a password in plain text and then not even providing them the ability to change that password?

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