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The US put tornadocash on sanction list. Deleted github accounts and source. Since North Korea used it to launder stolen crypto. And people are surprised that it happened? Github is and never have been a safe place to store code. Tor/i2p is much more safer places to host code. But I understand why people use github, I do so as well for public project, but I also selfhost my other things

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Kids are in bed, dog is sleeping, Marlyn is watching Tv, and I’m on the computer trying to figure out what to do for the rest of the night. Last week of vacation now, so I get more and more interrested in doing things on the computer. Played around a bit with my Risc-v SBC today (Mangopi), it runs debian, got everything updated and all that, thinking about setting up a webserver on it. It has 512mb ram, so it should be fine to host some static website on it.

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