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(#r5acdba) Voices matter a lot. In general, I think it’s a shame that german TV dubs everything. At least english movies shouldn’t be dubbed anymore. If you ask me, neither should french or spanish movies. Or, you know, make use of “Zweikanalton” again!


Bought the entire series “Monk” (Adrian Monk, the guy with so many phobias) on DVD. I only knew this series from german TV. I always hated Sharona with a passion. Turns out, her real voice – not the german dub voice – is totally different and she’s actually very lovely character. 🤔

#r5acdba (#7625tqq) Funny thing is, it was pretty easy to get the Matrix server (Synapse) going on my OpenBSD box: Install a package, run one initialization command, maybe edit the generated config, put a reverse proxy in front of it, done. (Granted, I don’t use federation, maybe that’s harder.) // As for Signal: They say you have to install it on a smartphone before you can use it on a desktop machine. So, what, my account is tied to my phone number? If that’s true, then I won’t use it. Or maybe only for our family chat room. I simply don’t want to run around with my phone number stapled to my forehead. >


(#7625tqq) And don’t get me started on the fact that they try to push you to use THEIR server. Yeah, great, you CAN run Matrix on your own server, but you always have to explain to users that they first have to open the “advanced server settings” or whatever they call it, and enter their credentials there … This is my mistake, in part, because I want to run our server WITHOUT federation. Just a chat for us! This is possible, but against Matrix’s design.


Choosing Matrix/Element as a messenger for my family was a mistake. It’s way too complicated. And apparently, the app on smartphones is pretty confusing: Family members repeatedly end up in the settings dialog for the chat room? Since modern UIs are all utter garbage (Which UI elements can be clicked/activated? Nobody knows! Everything is flat!), they have a hard time leaving that dialog, so they call me. And then all the crypto stuff, that no normal user ever understands, and trusted devices, and … oh, fuck off man. I just want a chat.


In other news, I built one of these: This contraption was first conceived by Marquis de Sade in 1801 and was called “Preuve de Patience”. The builder will either finish the task or commit murder. Other historians and religious leaders have speculated, it was the devil himself who came up with the idea to prove to God that all humans are violent in nature.