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The discovery of the year is sxmo, he’s damn good! It’s hard to believe that a smartphone can do that. It seems crazy at first glance, but it’s convenient.

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In-reply-to » The Fediverse can be pretty toxic

If you turn “social media” into this dopamine drive cesspool full of likes, boosts, reshares and so forth, you basically end up abusing the worst parts of humanity.

👍 There is such a problem. And for some reason it’s not being addressed at all. The Pinafore web client for Mastodon, for example, has settings designed to reduce the addictive or disturbing aspects of social media. They can hide the number of subscribers, reposts, or hide notifications.

It certainly doesn’t solve the problem, but at least someone paid attention to it.

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In-reply-to » Крипту не нужно разменивать I fell in love with cryptocurrencies after I found myself cut off from the global financial system, and foreign exchange transactions within the country were frozen, i.e. I can neither buy dollars, nor send them, nor pay for servers abroad. In such a situation, one no longer thinks about the inefficient energy consumption of blockchain 😄 Although I agree that it is inefficient in this regard. But there are no alternatives )

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In-reply-to » Hi. Glad to welcome you here! Hi 😊 Good to see you again! In general things are good, a little tired of the covid restrictions and I am insanely upset by the global chip shortage because of this good computer hardware becomes less available + the ruble exchange rate is storming.

How about you, what’s new? I periodically glance over here at twtxt )

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