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In-reply-to » @lyse Hey, it's nice to hear that :D

@lyse@lyse.isobeef.org Wow, that’s a good definition for the problem to solve. Was a pleasant surprise. (Random story ahead) The name is pretty relatable for me since I heard that word in a Popular Mechanics magazine a few years ago about the band.

Do you have some screenshots or a quick video to watch how is it going? I know programmers are more text-based but an appealing image is always useful to share the visual idea behind it.

Something that has happened to me with FitBot is that if I leave the project in a theoretical way, only writing about it, and thinking about how to create it, I get sick of the idea. So I need some users (starting with me) to feel the product/software/service is alive.

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In-reply-to » Hey everyone!

@lyse@lyse.isobeef.org Hey, it’s nice to hear that :D

I guess there are already many tools to do that (my brother uses one when he’s riding a bike, with fancy animations and a 3D map), but when you make your own tool, it tastes differently.

Share with us if you revive it!

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Hey everyone!

I’m making a simple bot to record my weekly exercise in a Fake League like Duolingo does. If you want to try it, and share some feedback with me, join here: https://t.me/GemuFitBot

What would be more useful to me, is if it worked to motivate you to exercise more every week

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In-reply-to » Hey @eaplmx Do you need a hand getting your pod (https://tw.eapl.mx/) up and running? 🤔

@prologic@twtxt.net If I remember correctly, I didn’t ask you to include it on the landing page, since it was more like an experiment to understand it from the inside.

Yeah, I’ve created and moderated a few communities (local and remote, but in Spanish)… I know it takes time, I was simply holding many eggs in the same basket, to manage another community. I’ll check it again after some cleanup of hobbies I have to make over here but thank you for the follow-up, and as I often say, thanks for creating Yarn and being a Poderator

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In-reply-to » Buenas noches, no entiendo la relación entre TWTXT y YARM.SOCIAL ?? ---> Lo que me gustaría hacer es instalar en un servidor un POD de YARM.SOCIAL

I don’t know why there is an interest from Spanish speakers. Having the front page in English could help?

Also, for me as a geeky developer, twtxt and twtxt are clear. (Yarn extensions were confusing at the start tho) Maybe an adaptation for Twitter or Mastodon users would be helpful?

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