I'm not sure, but I think I know more than I do.

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Today in NW Minnesota, its 52 degrees. In February. We are on track for the warmest winter on record. Its been disappointing not to be able to avail ourselves of all the winter activities and outdoor sports we typically enjoy. Instead, I am worrying about deer ticks in February. Wtf.
Next week with temps that could reach the 60s, I will probably get a jump on spring cleanup (which usually happens here in May), with the lawn tractor.

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In-reply-to » Now Musicians' Union Threatens Possible Strike Over AI, Streaming Media "After a year in which both actors and writers hit the picket lines, another Hollywood strike may be on the horizon," reports CNN:

@prologic@twtxt.net I totally agree. Our work in aggregate is a competive advantage. We have been subject to medieval punishment for copying a fkng song. But OpenAi should be allowed to suck up all our work and derive value from it… for free??

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In-reply-to » Update on my Fibre to the Premise upgrade (FTTP). NBN installer came out last week to install the NTD and Utility box, after some umming and arring, we figured out the best place to install it. However this mean he wasn't able to look it up to the Fibre in the pit, and required a 2nd team to come up and trench a new trench and conduit and use that to feed Fibre from the pit to the utility box.

@prologic@twtxt.net That will be a nice upgrade! Congrats.

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In-reply-to » So.. Of y'all that had covid. Did you have at the end a night where for no reason your brain amped up to 11 and can't sleep at all? It happened to me last night and my FIL the night before.

@xuu@txt.sour.is I don’t recall that symptom. The worst part for me was losing smell. I bought a scent kit to retrain, and it eventually came back.But 2 years later, I still occasionally get a phantom smell that resembles burnt rubber.

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I’m chheckin in here after being away for a bit. Glad to see new-to-me people, just followed a bunch. I like what’s being built here.

I am most active on Mastodon,

but would like to step up activity here, too.
For ppl who post here on Android with Gorgon, which file host service do you use?

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In-reply-to » These billionaires are profoundly without intelligence or depth. It's astonishing to see so many shallow, empty fools parading their bad opinions publicly without shame. Let no one ever again fall under the illusion that tech oligarchs are anything more than your racist uncle at Thanksgiving but with more money.

@abucci@anthony.buc.ci Yes, Twitter is disgusting.

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In-reply-to » Unicode doesn't distinguish between a dollar sign with one and a dollar sign with two strokes, which makes me sad.

@niplav Is there a practical difference in meaning that I have not known about my entire life?


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In-reply-to » I am playing some ambient music that begins with a sound that's a bit like the drone of an airplane engine, and I spent a good minute or two adjusting the volume wondering why the music wasn't playing because I thought it was a plane🤦‍♂

@abucci@anthony.buc.ci You just described my tinnitus.

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You know that thing when a resting dog gets up and turns little circles before laying back down comfortably?

That’s my iRobot today.

Do you think she might be a little sick, or just content?

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Didn’t watch all 5 hours of the TikTok hearings but what I did see was a bunch of boomers asking dumb embarrass staff prepared, technically-nonsensical boomeresque questions like “Does it connect to the Wi-Fi?” and “Why have you not directed your engineers to change the source code?”

I hate TikTok but I hate stupid political shit like this even more. Even when it is “bi-partisan.”

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In-reply-to » Our gutters are all filled with ice so I worked on clearing them a bit today, but it was mostly hopeless. More snow is on the way too unfortunately.

Not for me. it’s there till spring. trying to remove it would destroy my gutters.

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1st world problem: too much yard work to do, to impress family members who will drive here in cars they own, burning $5 gas, so we can eat plentiful grilled meat, to celebrate a country that is arguably not being invaded by Russia.

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