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IMHO going to parties during a lockdown is reckless and selfish.

Depends on a number of factors. I would have said that myself at the start of the pandemic.

For instance I have a friend who’s going through a breakup this period. If breakups were bad outside the pandemic, they’re way worse now that you can’t go out.

She can’t go out with friends, she’s just at home feeling abandoned. I’m visiting her but I’m just a friend.

#kfycreq (#fwlweuq) I agree with most of what you said.

And mobs pushing to put others down or “cancel” them based on something they once online said eons ago is a bad path

As long as the “bad” opinion has changed in the meantime, I see no reason to “cancel” them.

Most of this smells of software corporates wanting to get rid of a very outspoken opponent and some SJWs jumping on for the ride.

Why get rid of him?


I recently went to a strip club with a friend, we had no cash in our pockets. She was kinda friends with the DJ. We landed there, she chatted with the DJ a little bit, the DJ left and we were left there with the girls and 2 customers. We got some dances, a short lap dance, and the bartender served us topless “on the house”. 😁