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Playing Oracle of Ages on Switch…

I’m not enjoying at all the Game Design. Has its moments, but nothing compared with Awakening or Minish Cap 😐

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My #AdventOfCode2023 has been calculating statistics for manufacturing 😆

Today was processing a list of states (e.g. A from 6:40 to 7:25, B from 7:25 to 8:15) and getting what happened hourly from 6am to the next 24 hours.
Put timezones into the equation for more fun.
And finally explain all that to the Jr.

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In-reply-to » It is a pleasure to work with the help system of Borland’s Turbo C++ 3.0 on DOS. The descriptions are clear and concise. There are short and simple examples. Pretty much every help page is cross-refenced and those links can be clicked.

never used Turbo C++, although I have good memories of QBasic and QuickBasic.

The help was amazing. You pressed some F key on a keyword, and you got an explanation, example code and a kind of Wiki to keep exploring and learning…

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In-reply-to » @eapl.me Whaaaaaaaat, you’re doing a programming challenge at this time of the year and it ISN’T Advent of Code?! 😱 😅

haha… AoC just started today and someone had the good idea of creating their challenge on November, so… 😅

Something I don’t like from Advent of code, is that there is a challenge every day. In December I want to rest a bit! I think a weekly challenge would be enough for me 😮

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My 1FA is Probably Better than Your MFA

Yep, I’ve always thought of authenticating with Key pairs on the web. We have something similar for Gemini, although that protocol by itself is very hipster.
And the alternative WebAuthn/Passkeys is pretty tricky to implement and not universally supported, although was designed with good intentions for the massive public… Result, (almost) no one uses it

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In-reply-to » @eapl.me I think we could negotiate something 😅 Let's talk! What would you ba after in terms of compensation and how much time would you want to devote? You know it would be work on yarnd, perhaps even saltyd 😅

sure! I was thinking of 5-8 hours a week and about 15 USD/hour, although both are negotiable.

How could we talk? Jitsi, salty.im?

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#Pokle #507

I like this micro game so much… I’m always amazed of the puzzles 😀

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In-reply-to » @eapl.me Hmmm, random sort for the genres? I also do miss power metal. :-) But I generally listen to music that's on my own computer. No waste of network resources and just works all the time.

yeah, when I want to listen to my coding music or something in my playslists I prefer to do it offline with a phone connected to a phone connected to a Bluetooth speaker 📱 🔊 .

For fresh music YouTube from my phone or PC works fine.

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Holiday here 🇲🇽 … Trying not to think on work a lot (yeah, we gave a few deliveries by Friday)

Also I started to design a Secret Santa Web although my family solved that with cut papers and a neutral person not joining the raffle. Perhaps I use that Web in the local Geek meet-up.

How is your Monday going?

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In-reply-to » The only other way to do this is WebMention which is supported in yarnd -- But @lyse is spot on here too 👌

I agree. It’s more organic to make the connection by another channel. On using the web server logs, I think that isn’t easy to integrate, and it’s also prone to spam.
Webmentions sounds good to not reinvent the wheel.

Perhaps the Endpoint should be indicated inside the .txt instead of the HTML.

Anyway, I’ll take a look into adding Webmentions support in the PHP client soon.

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I’ve been reading “Shareware Heroes: The renegades who redefined gaming at the dawn of the internet” learning of games developed before I was born, or when was too small.
I’m finding old gems to play and understanding that we have the same problems developing games 30+ years after, although with some obvious differences.

Currently playing:

Which reminds me of another Tetris I don’t know how it came to my PC in the 90s.

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I’ve been thinking of how to notify someone else that you’ve replied to their twts.

Is there something already developed, for example on yarn.social?

Let’s say I want to notify https://sour.is/tiktok/America/Denver.txt that I’ve replied to some twt. They don’t follow me back, so they won’t see my reply.

I would send my URL to, could be, https://sour.is/tiktok/replies?url=MY_URL and they’ll check that I have a reply to some of their twts, and could decide to follow me back (after seeing my twtxt profile to avoid spam)

Another option could be having a metadata like
follow-request=https://sour.is/tiktok/America/Denver.txt TIMESTAMP_IN_SECONDS
that the other client has to look for, to ensure that the request comes from that URL (again, to avoid spam)
This could be deleted after the other .txt has your URL in the follow list, or auto-expire after X days to clean-up old requests.

What do you think?

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My bookmark list is growing more and more (currently 600+ links)

Whilst there are some gems, there are also links I haven’t read, and perhaps never will.

I’m thinking of having some way of fade away them over time, and if I don’t do anything with a link in, let’s say, a year, it will vanish forever.
Something similar I do with contacts. If I don’t talk with someone for more than I year, why do I have them in my list?


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In-reply-to » @eapl.me are ISPs still injecting code into HTTP in this the year 2023? I remember getting notices that my comcast modem is out of date pushed into websites back a decade ago.

I’ve found that my ISP replaces HTTP sites with a “You haven’t paid your bill” message. With HTTPS it only gives an error that the site is not accessible.
There’s a similar behaviour in public places like airports ✈, or even some have malicious forms. I’m not sure if it’s a general issue anymore.

Also,even on HTTPS some extensions inject scripts or hidden fields.


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In-reply-to » I think is part of the code by @eapl.me that I have based my project on. So try to ask him.

hey @mckinley@twtxt.net !

Perhaps your VPN or an extension is injecting some kind of verification before using the site?

The original development doesn’t use JavaScript at all, and has 2 cookies for session managing, short term for guests and long term for the admin (perhaps that has to be changed with current European regulations, not sure)

@darch@darch.dk you could add HTTPS to your site to avoid external services injecting JS to the HTML. I bought a SSL certificate for my shared hosting, sadly it doesn’t support Let’s Encrypt.

But if an extension is doing that, I think there is not much to do from our side.

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In-reply-to » Oh so that's what the geo-info is use for - sunrise and sunset. It reminds be about https://poleclock.com/ that is very useful for online meetings across timezone - like when we were having our yarn social calls back in the days

Ha, thanks to that link I found of https://browser.horse 👀

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In-reply-to » it needs more explanation than only showing the time 😅

another crazy experiment would be that the sunset starts at 7am, but the time is slowed down or made running faster so it’s always 7pm at the sunset.

In July here we have 14 hours of daylight, and only 10:21 in December. So the idea would be to adjust working days or whatever, proportional to the amount of natural light we have in that month. Just thinking…

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In-reply-to » Nice, now that @eaplmx mentioned it: I wasn’t aware that browsers offer a geolocation nowadays. (I hardly do any JS in the browser.) I added that to my 24h clock. 😊 (Background story.)

wow, indeed your 24 hours clocks is interesting.

I had a phase of time nerd and made a few clocks, and certainly a physical one with sun rise and sun set marks will be cool to make!

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In-reply-to » @eapl.me So, if this clock now shows 16:20 (my wallclock says 16:52), this means that it would be 16:20 at my place if the sun had risen at 7:00 this morning? 🤔

it needs more explanation than only showing the time 😅

Yes, the idea is that it changes a few seconds every day to “start” at 7am with the sun ☀
The day lasts about 24 hours as usual

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Due to the Daylight Saving Time, I recall a quick clock I made where it adjust daily so sunrise is at 7am in your place.

Luckily in my country DST is no more, although it could be good and boring to always wake up with the same position of the sun.

After work I should write about this experimental (and unfeasible?) clock 🤔

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In-reply-to » For six months of the year I have to get up an hour earlier to start work, just to synchronize with my colleagues further down south 😱

since last year in MX we don’t have DST, and has been a bliss.

I’d advise to push that to your Congress (or equivalent), companies and universities, using the force of the group. That helped here.

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In-reply-to » Found an OEM version of Windows 3.1 in a basement. The disks still work, except for disk number 3. It appears the corrupt sectors only affect CALENDAR.EX_, there’s an area of NUL bytes in it. I was still able to install Windows and most things appear to work – except for the calendar. It crashes the whole thing. 🥴

Wow! my first version was Win 3.11, and had good memories as a kid learning computing with my grandpa. Feeling nostalgic of watching those screenshots again.
I remember that almost never used the calendar. Scheduling wasn’t important when I was a kid, I guess…

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In-reply-to » How are you all doing today? :)

doing OK, still a bit sick (looking for a doctor has been a bit harder that I expected)

Anything else is going smoothly, having a rest of work, exams, playing Inscryption and Pokémon, enjoying this slice of life basically.

How is everyone else doing?

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