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In-reply-to » @eapl.me you wrote:

you got me 😉
I don’t use my account on twtxt.net although I like the content that is found there.

Yeah, Yarn as a piece of software is really nice, I’ve said that a few times before.

Although technology is only a piece of the puzzle.
As a community/ecosystem is perhaps too niche. I agree that ‘social platforms’ don’t need to be meaningful, perhaps they don’t even need to be useful.
We are sharing time and words here, so that’s good by itself.

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In-reply-to » Is Yarn.social dead or just too niche? (uyrrria) 🧐

Well, I don’t use Yarn/Twtxt.net anymore, although I read the homepage a few times a week to catchup on anything interesting.

Nowadays I barely twt from my PHP instance. I got to say that is more “convenient” reading from twtxt.net that on my instance.

My current feeling is that is too niche to find something interesting, being about personal growth, professional or even entertaining. There is not enough people and/or interesting topics to be engaged on. The network effect of people making content is missing IMO. Although I have a similar feeling of any other microblogging, it’s too superficial to have a meaningful conversation.
Sadly in this ecosystem I’ve found no one twting on Spanish, and having conversations in English is not so easy to me.

And about local communities, I tried to invite friends and colleagues, but no one created their instance or joined to Yarn. Even the local Mastodon instance has 3 members (myself included), so I think creating a hipster microblogging is not as easy as looked at the start.

It’s again a decision between the involved time and the ‘reward’ at the end. If we are not getting good emotions or something bigger that ourselves, feels like ‘not worthy’ to belong.

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In-reply-to » Bitwarden is truly excellent. Highly recommend

Indeed, BitWarden works nice as a credentials manager, and I’m quite happy with the implementation of Passkeys.

Sadly my old Android 9 is not compatible with the mobile app, although I use the web for that case.
That said, that’s what I’ve been using for years and I can’t find a reason to try another (as usually happens with these tools)

I’d suggest of self-host or trying a public instance of Vaultwarden like https://passwd.hostux.net
(donation supported)

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“A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between his work and his play; his labor and his leisure; his mind and his body; his education and his recreation. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence through whatever he is doing, and leaves others to determine whether he is working or playing. To himself, he always appears to be doing both.” ― L.P. Jacks

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In-reply-to » Nothing fancy, although it has changed along the years.

and about players, well:
VLC (Win/Mac/UX), Musikcube (Win), Music Player (Android), Revanced (Android)
Evil Player, Small player

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In-reply-to » QOTD: How do you listen to your music?

Nothing fancy, although it has changed along the years.

I payed for Spotify Premium for many years, but since 2020 I think it lost its value for me, so I switched to YT, or a local company is offering Deezer free for a year.

I’ve been playing with the idea of storing most of my music in SD cards or internal memory from an old android.

Currently in my car I listen to music in a SD card with ‘everything’ I’ve been getting in the last 10+ years. I’m lazy to switch on the Bluetooth on my phone.

At home, I have a few different speakers, with line input and bluetooth. My wife has an Alexa near the dining room, so we often listen to music or the radio there.

Also, very often I play Youtube playlists on the TV (I’m looking for some way to listen to Youtube on a speaker, but haven’t found any. Or with the phone with Revanced (which stopped working last week)

Since I have diverse players I try to stick to MP3 VBR, although I try to download or convert tracks to ‘more recent’ formats. Weirdly my car allows WMA, and more weirdly I have some tracks which came to that SD card mysteriously.
I haven’t found FLAC interesting as when I was in college, I can’t notice a difference between lossy and loseless formats. Perhaps my environment is too noisy or I’m getting older 😅

That said, I’d really want to isolate my home-office, I have too much reverb when recording, and also external noise, which sometimes affect when listening to music.

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This is interesting allowing to access a Web with SSH, although a bit complicated for the ‘regular’ user

I’d expect some one-time password, or some challenge to copy and paste. Anyway, it always makes mi think of alternatives to passwords.

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In-reply-to » Dug up my old Dell Inspiron 6400 from 2006. Good lord, that thing is heavy. Laptops really have improved a lot.

Ha! I had one of these in college (Win XP), and my father had a slightly newer model (Win Vista).

It was great to play FIFA 08, and the keyboard was amazing, although I agree it was really heavy and thick, but was affordable and powerful for that age.

Now I had a Dell Inspiron 2014 with Xubuntu, and works pretty well. I changed from HDD to SSD and it’s now a pretty decent laptop to type notes and hacking a bit.

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In-reply-to » Yeah, the lack of comments makes regular JSON not a good configuration format in my view. Also, putting all keys in quotes and the use of commas is annoying. The big upside is that's in lots of standard libraries.

well, at work we use JSONC which basically is JSON + // and /* */
Its syntax is supported by vs code, and we wrote a few scripts to remove the comments so it’s practically compatible with anything
It’s day and night not only for configuration but for testing and development.

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In-reply-to » yeah, where and how can we sign up?

Organization eligibility

  • Must run an active open source or free software project.
  • Must have produced and released software under an OSI approved license.
  • Must not be based in a country currently embargoed by the United States.

Sadly the application period is over, but we could register the project for next year.

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In-reply-to » Question of the day: What configuration file formats do you all like and use?

For Python, env files with dotenv.
For JS, usually JSONP or a config.js
For PHP a config.php with an array usually works
For C#, I try to avoid the ugly native XML, but it’s what most of the team use…

For most I have a .env.sample in the repo, and we ignore .env or config* to avoid storing credentials.

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In-reply-to » If you like to suffer, you can read a report about trying out Matrix: https://blog.koehntopp.info/2024/02/13/the-matrix-trashfire.html I'm surprised that he didn't abort.


I haven’t used Matrix in ages, just Telegram, WA, Discord and Teams… I think I got used to those. Perhaps that’s because none of my acquaintances is in Matrix or XMPP, what am I missing?

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“We need our sensitivity to be hurt in order to grow. If we protect our feelings, we become cyclical, remain impoverished, frustrated, stagnant. You need a love, a coach, a boss, an influencer, a stranger who emotionally wounds your worldview so you can then redirect that anger/pain it causes you towards an analysis that helps you eliminate/optimize much of what you’re doing.”

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In-reply-to » I’m thinking about moving my blog/page from uninformativ.de over to movq.de (because the name “uninformativ.de” really isn’t great, never has been). How much in the twtxt/Yarn world will that break? 😂 I’ll obviously install redirects, so it should be relatively painless, right?

well, I like that name uninformativ.de ! Has more personality than the other one, I think

And I read this article, and didn’t make the connection to your domain!

I’m still looking for a typed Python, but let’s see if it comes natively in 3.13 or something

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After getting used to it, I’m loving this date format:

I liked ‘6feb2024’, although isn’t as international as the former.
And… ‘06/02/24’ is awful, don’t use it!

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In-reply-to » What about using the blockquote format with > ?

Well, I’ll describe basic microblogging actions as:
Reply - Extend a conversation, create a new twt in reply to another
Boost, Retweet, Repost - Silently show a twt to your followers (maybe to share some interesting URL to follow based on that twt)
Quote - Start a new conversation based on a previous twt (debatable, for instance Masto doesn’t have this one, has to be done manually)

To go back a few steps I was checking this doc:

Reply is already covered there. Allows to tag someone with @ which I think is good enough to start following that URL to see the whole conv.
For quoting, I like your idea of using ‘>’
It could be something like

(#hash) @<nick url> > "Quoted text"\nThen a comment

Finally for boosting, there’s no syntax to do that.

Since I was using
to define a twt in a language different than the default one, I was thinking on something similar.


(#hash) @<nick url> [boost]

Meaning, “hey! see that twt with hash # from that URL”

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I’m thinking of a kind of ‘boost’ or ‘retweet/repost’ for twtxt, so it can help with discoverability of interesting people to follow.

Something like

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Ha, these visualizations are cool and really easy to grasp!

I should use them in some next course.

My Master’s thesis was on digital ballots, so it’s always appealing to think a bit on how to ‘fix’ elections. Spoiler: It doesn’t matter.

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In-reply-to » @eapl.me Interesting 🤔 But the most interesting piece I noticed was this:

I was reading on “Shareware Heroes” that this model was relatively common in the era of BBS. Not Open Sourced, although you could buy the code, or old versions were released…

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In-reply-to » Last week of my vacation. I made a little racing game for real-mode DOS that uses ray casting for rendering. There’s not a lot of game logic, except for lap timing and the tiles next to the walls have very high friction.

looks nice!

Good idea reusing that engine (based on Wolfestein was I reading?) for a racing game 😀

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In-reply-to » @eaplme Yarn could the twtxt I want more then regular twtxt. Though I do like not having to host a yarn pod.

[…] my server logs it shows that your site pulled in the useragent as https://eapl.me/twtxt/?url=https%3A//neotxt.dk/user/darch/twtxt.txt with bytesypider from bytedance?

Didn’t know of bytesypider and bytedance, I assume those are bots, although I no idea why they are pointing to that address to your site

twtxt-php isn’t sending User-Agent headers as it’s in the original spec:
Or the discussion there:

I think it could be easy to implement 🤔

Since relying on HTTP logs could be inconvenient on some servers, there were ideas of using WebMention or some HTTP endpoint to inform who’s following your URL (like on Gemini Antenna).

From what I’ve read, timeline and yarn has experimental support for Webmention. Could @prologic@twtxt.net or @darch@neotxt.dk share some insights on that?

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In-reply-to » @eaplme Yarn could the twtxt I want more then regular twtxt. Though I do like not having to host a yarn pod.

What is the difference between twtxt-php and timeline from sorenpeter?
twtxt-php is a minimalistic client based on another PHP project, you can see it on https://eapl.mx/twtxt
timeline is a better-looking Web app, with support for markdown, images gallery… you can see it here http://darch.dk/timeline/

twtxt-php is not actively developed, its core was merged into timeline

Does it have a way to follow feeds from the web ui?
Yes, but you have to be logged in. Currently can only add URLs, not edit or unfollow.

I was looking at it and what prevents someone from downloading the .config file and getting the password?
An .htaccess file

Also how would I generate a totp password to use?
That part is missing on the Web side, there is a commented PHP code to do that

Although you can find a better TOTP onboarding on https://fit.eapl.me

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In-reply-to » I am thinking about setting up a yarn instance. Twtxt is cool but it would be nice to be able to post from my phone. Local posting would be a cool feature for yarn to have. A feed that can only be viewed by logged in users of that instance.

yarn is really cool, go for it!

Also, if you are looking for some lightweight and unfinished client, I could recommend the PHP script I’m using to reply here.
Started as a raw PHP script to twt and reply from my phone, running from a shared hosting, then evolved into twtxt-php on Github and parts of it were merged to

And it’s live here:

The idea behind it is having 1 instance, and 1 .txt for each account, not using any database but only the .txt. Kind of experimental although works good enough 🙂

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In-reply-to » These days I've researching on encrypted messaging, and this one took my attention 👀 https://unsigned.io/software/LXMF.html

main problem with encrypted stuff is a good ratio between usability and security, when usability is “easier than what we already know”, being IRC, Whats, Discord among others. Where I should keep my messages even if my passphrase or keys are lost.
And security is that black and magic box that is supposed to keep my privacy.

Interesting challenge!

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In-reply-to » Guess what?! 🤣 Media $0 Fibre upgrade is finally available! 🥳 Placed an order this morning, expected installation date 15th Jan 2024 🤞

lucky aussies 😀, here we are still yelling with 20Mb wireless connections 😅

An interruption every 20 minutes is normal now 😠

I should change my office soon, he #justRantingToTheVoid

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In-reply-to » It’s still very, very young and obviously not yet finished, but I made a little pool billiard game for DOS:

ha, I remember being a kid on the 90s and mind-blowed of seeing a pool/billiards game made on QBasic. Didn’t know of trigonometry or physics, so for me it was like magic.

Never made a game like that (I don’t enjoy digital billiards, got to say) but was always on my mind of something cool to exist.


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I was hibernating my digital life since last few weeks, anyway if you are reading this thanks for doing so, and I wish you a nice new life cycle!

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In-reply-to » Happy Twixmas everyone (new word I just learned 2 min ago)

sure! Assign me a ticket on Github or something to check it soon!

And happy Xmas, holidays or whatever you are celebrating over there!

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