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So Belong (out retail mobile phone provider of choice), who are owned by Telstra want to increase the price of their plans by +40%.

Telstra, who own Belong, have had the following financial earnings over the past 4 years:

  • FY2021: NPAT (Net Profit After Tax): +3.4% $1.9B
  • FY2022: NPAT (Net Profit After Tax): -4.6% $1.8B
  • FY2023: NPAT (Net Profit After Tax): +13.1% $2.1B
  • FY2024: NPAT (Net Profit After Tax): +11.4% $1B

Not sure how this year’s results had a +11.4% increase, but only $1B in profits.

#Telstra #Belong #Australia #PriceHikes

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I recently learned that our Australian Liberal National Party, spent 10’s of thousands of dollars on a campaign involving flyers posted around the suburbs (localities) of our local Greens federal member, Elizabeth Watson Brown. Not only was the material produced by the LNP party, distributed and paid for by the LNP party, full of lies, but they had the audacity to make the “flyers” appear as though they were from the Greens themselves! 🤦‍♂️ wtf?! #Politics #Sucks

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* 8eef4d5d - (HEAD -> main, origin/main) Add DB restore capability and tools/ script (19 seconds ago) <James Mills>

Oh well 😅 It works wonderfully!

In the event of a database corruption or loss:

$ URL= ./tools/ > db.json
mv db.json data/db.restore.json
yarnd ...

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