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Interesting and tough moral dilemma: is it appropriate for Government to strip privacy away from all citizens in favour for the safety of children online to avoid the production and distribution of CSAM? I ask because there’s a podcast from the Australian Federal Police around CSAM in Australia and there was a statement that effectively the prevention of CSAM needs to take a priority over privacy.

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@screem@twtxt.net It is not a tough dilemma for me. A government has no right to perform mass surveillance on its citizens, treating everyone as if they were criminals. It starts with something we can all agree is reprehensible, and they say it stops there, but history tells us it never just stops there.

In addition, computers are really bad at their jobs. How many innocent people will be punished with a false positive? How many mothers will be punished for sending a photo of their newborn to the doctor?

I’m talking about punishment not only in the legal sense, but with the time, money, and worry associated with fighting legal punishment. Do you even trust your legal system enough that it will protect innocent people in these circumstances from having their lives ruined?

There are questions to be raised about the effectiveness of such a policy for its intended purpose but I’m running out of characters.


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