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or did we maybe mess up in the setup somewhere, so there now is a name conflict, because we forgot to change something in swarm-stack that i pulled down to my VPS

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@prologic@twtxt.net i’m starting to see more post from twtxt.net on neotxt.dk now, but they are still lacking their avatars and Following/Followers also not working yet.

It is just a matter of waiting for yarnd to fetch and catch everything?

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@darch@twtxt.net Not sure what’s going on sorry, I’ll have to dig into it a bit… If you can put my public ssh key on your server, I can poke around…

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDo9UKNJ6X+LUxY9E2Ne3IxluaBTQWE0nCgyVfPHgSJhrI1HDiKcwc2S10kzMOnWco47sOb0Te4/tOHh+jlBbSTiW2CqQpIkZ8Bz4d1VXIPpUCUreP8gSuWxWNrdiU3TpfaeLSn0BkQhssvUhooAVPcRlgpmLETeGVlY1G2Qc1YcrQusz5E/5vLp4wkycZnGvHJ9+R5M2gn12Wnj+Fg8xMdqsvKmtBasPTX9YcJxVj/CBJZUB5impNg7ml9mESGDOpU11H9UWLUiDjIOmiDu3baNUiUmUnrUG44HBnstvbglEEOjsywML9xB81iZkA8RPluFpMU/+BWPI3nIKyRZn2p prologic@Jamess-MacBook.local

I can’t promise a timely resolution though, I’m doing too many things at once here 😂

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@prologic@twtxt.net I mangaged to fix it. There was still somewhere in the docker yarn.yaml that it said twtxt.netinstead of neotxt.dk - Now I got nice avatars and my timeline on neotxt.dk is up to date with accounts from twtxt.net :)

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