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@tkanos@twtxt.net, do you have a dump of all the twtxt feeds from doing we-are-twtxt? If so, could you please upload a tarball somewhere or send me a magnet link? I want to grep it for this crazy mention syntax.

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@mckinley@twtxt.net My client parses the mention and just shows the URL. Since I don’t follow that feed, it is rendered white on red just like any other feed I don’t follow. My markdown support is very limited, inline code is unknown to tt, so the mentions put in code blocks are just treated as regular mentions. And then you can see, that you mentioned me incorrectly. :-P

Mentions in tt

Mentions in tt

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Outside of this thread, this comment syntax has been used exactly twice when searching every known, currently accessible twtxt feed on the Web.

$ grep -r '@<[^ ]*>'
buckket.org.txt:2016-02-12T18:37:00+01:00	Hey @<http://vigintitres.eu/twtxt.txt>, @<teddy https://data.trafficking.agency/twtxt.txt> und @Jim@example.org was geht? Ich bin’s @GEHEIM@buckket.org!
hecanjog.com.txt:2020-09-03T17:36:00-05:00	@https://tilde.town/~lucidiot/twtxt.tx@ twtxt via DNS TXT would be insane and fun.

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