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@tkanos@twtxt.net Cool! I like your disclaimer in the readme. :-D A few things caught my eye while scrolling through the code, the ones I remember:

  1. The protocol switch in lines 141ff could make use of else if.
  2. There’s a superfluous space in the progress bar in line 155.
  3. The User-Agent header contains a { which I reckon is a typo. Also, I reckon the URL and nick should be swapped, in case you wanted to stick to this discoverability format.
  4. The feed discovery regex assumes that filenames always are twtxt.txt which will miss a few feeds, such as @anth@a.9srv.net’s and @hxii@0xff.nu’s. Parsing mentions would be more accurate. And then also parse all mentions from a twt, not just the first one.
  5. If you’re still bored, adding support for archived feeds would be a thing. :-)

Anyways, nice work!

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Thanks @lyse@lyse.isobeef.org,

  1. even a switch case would be better
  2. done quickly
  3. done quickly
  4. yes BUT if I check only mentions I will loose the header following one, (that are not always in the same style: cf : https://niplav.github.io/twtxt.txt ), I can do both and only loose the redirection BUT I need to be bored again to do that change (1 hour I ll say)
  5. (easy) when i will be bored again it will be on the pipe.


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one other thing cool that you have not noticed but i want to share. Is that the first iterative version was taking 8 minutes to go on all twtxt / download/ parse.
The new version using heavily go routines takes around 10 seconds.

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