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I guess the problem I really have, same with this whole Web3 Blockchain nonsense, is that we blur the lines between what is a centralised system, vs a decentralised system, vs a distributed system (sorry forked as we’re getting off topic…)

Does that make sense? 🤔 Even though it’s not too different from say you using my pod and trusting me, I feel its about making it as easy as possible to rely on your own infra if you so desired.

For example, I am quite sure you coudl run up your own Session node, hell even run up a Swarm of them (as they are called), but how easy is that to do? 🤔

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@prologic@twtxt.net It’s proof of stake, so you need to stake 15,000 units of their cryptocurrency $OXEN, worth $3118 US, to run a “full service node” and 3750 $OXEN ($779 US) to run a “shared node”. If I understand correctly, only “full service nodes” can route Session messages.

If you don’t have enough $OXEN, you can pool what you do have with other people and run a node that way.

TL;DR: Not very easy. To help route Session messages at all, you have to buy in to their cryptocurrency.


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@screem@twtxt.net I think there is value in cryptocurrencies as long as they have sufficient privacy protections. If you have someone’s Bitcoin or Ethereum address, you can see every transaction he’s ever been involved in. Not enough people know that.

The value is in being able to send a scarce resource to anyone on the planet, any time of the day, any day of the week, and have it received in 20 minutes. As long as privacy is preserved, I think it’s great.

It’s completely useless in the context of a chat service, though. The blockchain nonsense was part of the reason why I ditched Session, but it was mostly the Electron client.

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