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Joseph Spencer commissioned in 1970 and died in 1989 was brain programmed to be a man in black,, and work “killing people and forgetting”, became a perfect killing machine. His video of 14 minutes speaks of the greys, an alien race with hybrid humans also as men in black.

Now sure if all this info is real, but the implications are interesting.

They plan a world invasion with holograms to force a one world government soon.

I was interested in his comments with chem trails, where toxic chemicals are dumped on us daily.

You can see the chemical fog all the time, its not fog, its not dust and its not fire haze. Its a chemical fog, and the Gov admits to allowing geo engineering weather modification, etc.

They use barium chloride. A toxic substance. Gets into soil and plants and we humans ingest it.

I found a possible solution, praise God, magnesium sulphate. Or Epsom salts.

When sprinkled over your soil, the Barium chloride reacts with magnesium sulphate making Barium sulphate and magnesium chloride.

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