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@prologic hehe, thanks… Everyone tagged, look to https://twtxt.net/search?tag=c63wwra =P


@eaplmx so, let me tell how how fork is to be used, before the Yarn Police comes around, and write you an infraction. A fork is used when the reply twt you are about to write goes astray from the main topic of conversation. That’s it!

Now, fork can also be used when you want to reply to someone, and you want your reply leaving no doubt which twt you are replying to. This easily applies to long, to very long, yarns. If you have any questions let me know!


@eaplmx No worries dude! 🤗 Do you have a suggestion of how we can improve the UX here at all? Would translation to your native language help here? 🤔 We support translations – Just not very well (yet).


@eaplmx Yeah it may not be worth translating to Spanish right now, but perhaps we the user-base across the network grows? 🤔

On the label of the “Fork” button, we struggled with this one for quite a while, there are numerous English Thesauruses online, which we used… The trouble is coming up with an appropriate label that’s short and sweet. Labels like “Branch” which is a synonym of “Fork” are a bit longer and perhaps uglier 😅

It may also be something that people just get used to and is unique to the Yarm.social UX 😂



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