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In-reply-to > Darch comes from my last Mørch which means dark in Danish but it spell mørk when it is not a name. And since you can't use æøå I emails I just came up with sp_darch when I created my very first Hotmail back the late 90s. Pronounced: dark


Technically though this limitation doesn’t need to exist, but I’m not sure we should really change it either?

It would make Yarn a bit more unique. I, for one, would love to use my real name, Jürgen. 😁


@fastidious In that case then, let’s explore this…

Some questions:

  • Will most file systems handle this okay as the feed’s filename and avatar filenames?
  • Is this supported in the URI spec so URLs for feeds will still work?
  • anything else I might be missing? 🤔

Someone willing to muck with the regex and give this a go? 😂


@fastidious So the regex just needs to be updated to support Unicode and to have the same set of rules, namely:

  • Must start with a letter – Even if that letter is in another language
  • Must only contain letters, numbers, underscores and dashes
  • Must be no longer than 15 characters long

I’m sure we can make this happen and support Username/Feed names in other languages! 😅 👌


@fastidious @prologic At first I thought, that the original Twtxt Specification limited the nicks to be ASCII-only, but I was wrong. I couldn’t find anything in that regard. The reference implementation also allows it:

$ twtxt follow äöüß https://example.com
✓ You’re now following äöüß.



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