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@stutteringsteve here here 👏 My wife and I are also taking this stance in our local area, we (Australia) haven’t introduced this level of insanity yet, but it’s coming! 🤦‍♂️ We’re not the only ones either, we have very close friends and other family that feel the same, these morally and ethically questionable types are overstepping their bounds. #Freedom #HumanRights #Privacy


Boston’s COVID cases have super skyrocketed. What else can be done, so people who aren’t get vaccinated? Rather than shunning the action to be taken, what solution do we propose? The idea is to get those unvaccinated to do it, or to keep them away from infecting others. Vaccinated people are imposed a little “discomfort” by being asked to provide proof to get into certain places, so what?

I don’t go out to eat as I used to, to begin with, since COVID. It is not safe, it is not prudent. I order take away. Yet, I don’t see this as a huge issue. To drive one needs a driver’s license. Saying “I have one” doesn’t really cover it. People are dying because of COVID, the economy is being affected, and we worry about showing a piece of paper?


@fastidious There’s an easy solution to this that politicians don’t seem to be prepared to take:

if you don’t want to get vaccinated, that’s your choice.

However we (law abiding tax paying citizens) will not pay for your medical expenses when you end up sick in hospital.

It’s that simple. If you are vaccinated, we’ll take care of you.

Why should we continue this stupid silly rhetoric of going down a totalitarian path? – For example in Australia we’re already considered a “Nanny state”, we have been for some time now and it’s fucking frustrating as hell


People are dying because of COVID, the economy is being affected, and we worry about showing a piece of paper?

It’s not the piece of paper I don’t think anyone has an issue with, I myself have such a piece of actual paper. The problem is our privacy. Or at least that’s my issue and I share this with @stutteringsteve – In Australia, at least in Queensland, you can choose to have your “vaccination” certification tied to your Government ID and then on this silly COVID Check-in QR-code based App. So no, I choose not to do this, I’ll carry a piece of paper until this all blows over (which I’m hoping it will).


@fastidious Yeah you’re right, I don’t think there are really any good solutions at all really. It’s quite a hard problem. But I think we can agree that going down any totalitarian/authoritarian path is also equally not a great idea either.


@fastidious I read that, in other, (relatively) comparable scenarios, paying people to participate is very effective.

I also read that, after recently changing the policy to require proof of vaccination for entry to all liquor and cannabis shops, Quebec saw a big spike in vaccine appointments. ^x^


@fastidious I have somewhat of a problem with it BECAUSE it is a paper or a stupid and broken phone app - both of those things are unreliable. A paper gets wet and turns into mush and an app stops working when you need it the most or once you run out of the battery.

We live in the 21th century, so don’t tell me we don’t have the technology to link the certificate to the ID card, or another thing we already carry and give the people checking them some device that can check that.



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