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On the notes of #indieweb and #platformsocialism this guys talk on “Decentralisation begins at decentring yourself” really nails a lot of what we are doing here with twtxt/yarn: the why and the how, also how to make sure it is financially sustainable: https://ar.al/2022/02/16/decentralisation-begins-at-decentring-yourself/

We need to start a conversation with small-tech.org and see if twtxt/yarn/etc. could be part of what they are creating

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@darch@twtxt.net I’m in a 00:24:31 into the video and I’m quite thrilled to say that I love this guy 😍

Most of what you hear about “decentralisation” is bullshit!

Yup! 👏 Web3, Blockchain, NFT, etc are all a big fat joke and a scam! The powers that be that we seek to de-power are just using these technologies as a “front”.

Decentralisation starts with decentralising yourself.

This is a great description! 👌 If we are to extend ourselves into the “digital world” then we must do so with ourselves being the centre of that by peering with others.

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I’m gonna keep watching this all the way through, but yes I agree. Maybe I can go reach out to Aral Balkan and introduce myself.

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Couple of other things I find interesting about all this, and weirdly coincidental – Facebook is being described as “People Farming” – Does anyone remember what the first and only game they ever built on their platform was called?! 🤣 (not that I ever played it, I never had a Facebook account, ever!).

I also find it interesting the way in which Facebook/Meta’s business model and relationship with their customers (other corporations) and their Users (you as the product) are drawn. Notice how it looks remarkably like the new Meta™ logo?! 😅

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I can’t help but wonder… Surely Mark Z was never this evil to start with? But then you remember the old proverb, Power feeds Powers. Once you have a taste of it, you can’t let go 😢

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They, small-tech.org, were hosting a live stream yesterday where I asked Aral if he know about twtxt and yarn.social. He did not, but he does now was his answer😉

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