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@eaplmx you are referring to a cryptography sharing scheme known as Shamir’s Secret Sharing. I have a Golang implementation running for my own use.


It is actually JS based. I think Golang is simply used to fetch the needed resources, and then generate the final page, which can be used offline. I have secrets split in 6 chunks, with a threshold of 3, and I gave each to wife, children, mum and dad in-law. That ought to cover for any accident—unless we are all in the same event, which is highly unlikely.


@fastidious So… What’s your flow of dealing with passwords and your “master password” then? Obviously you use a password manager, I do as well, I use pass – The Standard Password Store 😅 – But do you store the master password in macOS ’s keychain once entered or enter it every time? 🤔



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