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@prologic@twtxt.net It would definitely be interesting. I don’t think there could be any substantial code reuse but I’m open to the idea. I looked into doing it, but there are a few hangups that would probably need to be addressed first:

  • Something in the pipeline is adding U+FFFD Replacement Characters to the ends of certain twts
  • Markdown isn’t rendered to HTML in the Atom feed, but mentions are.
  • <summary> elements (which should probably be <contents> instead) are type="html", escaped HTML. It wouldn’t be possible to embed twt contents in the generated page on Firefox-based browsers due to my favorite bug
    • The other options are either plain text or inline XHTML which means you have to make sure every twt is valid XHTML.
  • I don’t know how to handle different themes short of JavaScript which can be buggy when used with client-side XSLT or dynamically generated XSLT which is completely and utterly ridiculous.

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