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So… Here’s a thought…

If [Matrix] is built on a decentralised/distributed event syncing and a basic model of “Room”


IRC is a centralised text based protocols with client to server and server to server networking and a basic model of “Channels” and “Users”


Yarn.social can build a “Chat” system based on the already existing and established decentralised/distributed syncing of feeds with a model of well umm feeds

🤔 🤣

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@caesar@twtxt.net That is true (public), that’s by design, we’re very open about that. Transparency. microBlogging and sharing your thoughts and opinions is the same as full blogging on your website. It should be open and transparent.

However if we get get Encrypted Feeds off the ground (needs people to help contribute to the spec!) who knows? 🤷‍♂️ Maybe it’ll open other other interesting possibilities? 🤔

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Why do we need to build chat into yarn? Can’t you just run a matrix server and yarn pod on the same domain and be done with it?

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@darch@twtxt.net I understand where you’re coming from, but we’re not doing anything drastic, but we should remain open to ideas and improvements, especially encrypted feeds. The only problem that can arise is that messaging can open up a can of worms and consume the project. That’s the risk, and we have to weight up the risks/benefits to the project and community overall 🤗

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@prologic@twtxt.net The existence of XEP-0277 doesn’t make XMPP a good platform for microblogging. Likewise, I don’t think twtxt will make a good chat system. What if yarnd and a separate federated chat server could (optionally) share account information so your Yarn account credentials are used for a Matrix or XMPP account on the same server?

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