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A very insightful chat tonight with @prologic@twtxt.net, @ocdtrekkie@twtxt.net, @darch@neotxt.dk, and @ocdtrekkie@twtxt.net’s friend Ian who is, presumably, still primarily using legacy social networks. Hopefully we can change that. Some things we talked about tonight:

  • The rationale behind GoNix
  • @darch@neotxt.dk’s thoughts on social networking (https://blog.neotxt.dk/)
  • Bringing people on to free platforms
  • Bot prevention on Yarn.social (#981)
  • Funding for Yarn.social
  • Goryon, material design, and satanism

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@darch@neotxt.dk I don’t see why not. I’m even come up with the idea of a 2-way Twtxt bot that you could interact with. Maybe I might do this and built a GPT-3 powered Twtxt bot that you can follow, @-mention and interact with – it could be fun 😅

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@mckinley@twtxt.net Hmm yeah I saw something about this in my feed the other day. The problem is I’m not even sure how you’d protect against such attacks. Because the GPT-3 prompts themselves are basically just English which as we know has quite a wide variation of structure, it would be next to impossible to detect Prompt Injection attacks on the input. Sanitizing input for SQL is a much easier task as you are dealing with a stricter subset of input and a language with a pre-defined grammar.

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