@lyse@lyse.isobeef.org I agree. A night in the forrest, while you are not at danger of being hunted, is surreal and amazing. I still remember the many times I did it as a child (and yes, caught fireflies and put them in a glass jar, and released them the next morning).

You are fortunate to live near the wilderness. I would have to drive for an hour to even get close a little. 😩

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@bender@twtxt.net Oh this sounds really cool! :-) I never caught them, only watched ‘em. But I have to admit that I wanted to catch them barehanded this week. Didn’t try, though.

I just returned from another trip into the forest. This time, I went deeper, there was some beautiful firefly activity. When I checked on yesterday’s spot on the way home there was barely anything. But I saw some presumably females sitting on the leaves in the shrubs. I didn’t notice a single one yesterday. Their illuminated parts were really huge compared to the flying males. The biggest was the size of a small finger’s nail (contrast that with a tiny shining dot of maybe 2-4mm max). I could even see the three distinct sections being lit up. That must have been a common glow-worm (großes Johanniswürmchen), I’d say: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Datei:Lampyris_noctiluca.jpg The others might also just have been the smaller species. I don’t know.

There were also some toads on the paths. A very lovely evening stroll. I’m very happy now. The dayjob’s stress is completely forgotten.

I really do enjoy that I am in the woods in about 10-15 minutes afoot. The most dangerous animals here are ticks and then come the boars. And that’s really it. Well, mozzies might be in the list, too. Some adventive ones can carry diseases, luckily, I haven’t encountered them here yet. Today, a bunch of gnats wanted to eat me. Yesterday, I had my peace, though.

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