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With the new “Hide replies” option has become a lot easier to read through the timeline, but I think the render of OP shoulde be more prominent, more like a headline. So maybe we can try to flip the visual hierarchy so to speak and loose the eclipse feature or expand it to 2 or 3 lines. I will try to make a mock up so you can see what I mean


@darch Hmmm 🤔 I think we discussed this quite a bit when it was first being developed and experimented with a few different ideas… My concern here is “vertical real estate”.

Personally I have never found myself noticing one or two words in the In-reply-to context anyway or really recognizing the “shape” of the context – This is how the brain recognizes things anyway 😅 So I’m not sure what value we would gain by expanding the context really… 🤔

Hopefully others can chime in but that’s my $0.02 worth 🤗


And in case you’re wondering … I did a count … This Yarn’s context is 126 chars long with 24 words 😂 I think this is a case of:

640kB ought to be enough for anyone!



@darch I am not understanding. Could you do that mock up, so I know what you are talking about? When you write “the render of OP”, what does it means? If you are talking about providing a multiline context, I will oppose it vehemently thought. It is a context, not a prelude, nor a summary.



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