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Here are the top ten feeds by size. @prologic@twtxt.net is artificially low on the list because it’s separated into chunks, and @movq@www.uninformativ.de is listed twice. Once as www.uninformativ.de, once as uninformativ.de. I blame yarnd.

du -b * | sort -nr | head -n 10
5253921	www.lord-enki.net.txt
842733	cnbeta-com-rssding-yue.txt
755925	search.twtxt.net.txt
654717	prologic.txt
394380	jlj.txt
371632	assets.txt
246520	off_grid_living.txt
243953	mckinley.txt
225256	www.uninformativ.de.txt
225256	uninformativ.de.txt

cnbeta-com-rssding-yue.txt seems to be a syndication feed for https://cnbeta.com/ in twtxt format, assets.txt is @maya@maya.land, and the rest are fairly self-explanatory.

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