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This war on adblockers by Google is particularly interesting with the way they’re doubling down so desperately.

For one thing I bet their higher ups making these decisions probably run adblockers themselves, but the other thing is it’s arguably downright dangerous to not use at least a basic adblocker.

And I’m not even talking about the wider web, I mean even on YouTube itself. It’s plagued with scam ads, nsfw ads (ironic given how YT insists the content creators have to keep things clean to satisfy the ad payers) and even ads that’ll lead to actual malware, if not spyware.

YouTube, if you can’t even moderate your ad network properly, let alone the fact that at the very least they are WAY too frequent/obnoxious, you cannot insist on people disabling their adblocker

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@movq@www.uninformativ.de Apparently it’s not necessarily targeted at Firefox per se, as the delayed loading thing has happened on Chromium-based browsers too, but more YouTube targeting those running an adblocker. The only part about that I don’t quite get is why just spoofing a Chrome user agent often fixes it.

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