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I’m done with the “smallening” for now.

I thought it’d be interesting to remake an older pixelart, that was way too “inspired” by Difros (https://difro.carrd.co/) work, to match with one of my friends profile picture at the time drawn by Difro.

Now I wanted to return to it and try making all the changes I regretted not making back than and in general make it more than a somewhat edited copy of someone elses work.

*They still look somewhat similar, because some changes were already made in the first edit from 2021. It was never just a re-color of someone elses art.

The original:


The new one:


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@thecanine@twtxt.net Very nice. I indeed like the new one better because of the smaller eye. It appears still a tad too large, but I obviously have no clue when it comes to dogs. :-) Its mouth makes it also much more friendly. Crazy, what just two pixels can do.

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@lyse@lyse.isobeef.org Yeah, I scaled the eye down a bit and probably prefer this style of smaller, mostly black eyes too, which is why I use them in almost everything I draw.

I still think the other style might look better in some cases, like when Difro, the artist on the site I linked uses those eyes, because they always animate their art and need eyes that blink. For these animations, the bigger eyes just work better.

I also like the hint of color they have, because I always wanted to give my inigamis eyes a hint of blue, to make him a little different from other shiba colored four leged inugamies. I know - probably not necessary, as he’s already rather specific, but it’s also a bit of a reference to an old slavic/pegan god Chors, who was in some videogames depicted as having glowing blue eyes.

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@thecanine@twtxt.net Good point, for animations of blinking eyes, larger eyes are probably better. So there are real dogs out there who have blue eyes? I once heard that most animals only come with brown eyes. Not sure if that’s true or not. Also back in the days our biology teacher told us that blue eyes are basically a gene defect. ;-) I like blue eyes on humans.

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@lyse@lyse.isobeef.org I never studied any kind of biology, other than the basics taught at primary school, so I’m probably not the most qualified person to answer this.

I know some dogs have blue eyes, I think it’s usually light blue and according to the first few Google results, the probability also depends a lot on the breed.

Inugamies are a fictional race, so there’s obviously no biological answer there, just the observation that they are drawn with big black eyes like mine has, in anime.

I actually have blue eyes in real life, but unlike most, if not all blue eyed canines, mine are dark to the point of almost not being blue.

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