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Trump social media firm says it has raised $1bn - BBC News

How da fuq?! 😳 How do you raise so much money for the most stupid idiotic thing ever?!

Mr Trump announced plans to launch Truth Social earlier this year, saying it would allow conversation “without discrimination on the basis of political ideology”.

Bahahahahahahaha 😂 I’ll believe this when I see it (of course I will never join! 😅 so I’ll never know if true or just utter bullshit! 🤣)


Mr Trump’s firm said it had secured the $1bn from from “a diverse group of institutional investors” without revealing who they were

Read: From a group of right-wing nutbags who have too much money on their dirty grubby hands 😂


@eldersnake So in other words, another privacy eroding piece of garbage that users their “users” as the product, selling their “data” and “metadata” to advertising to profit off of and shove advertisements down people’s throats 😳 – When are we going to learn as a society that this kind of Business Model is utterly broken, and *especially Social Media done this way leads to all kinds of problems (the evidence speaks for itself) 🤦‍♂️


Unfortunately people don’t care until it’s too late. It’s the same people who have the “I have nothing to hide” mentality.

I always feel like I should throw everything in and just go work on my folks farm…


@prologic Yup 😥

This is a doozey too:

You are entitled to know how we respond to “Do Not Track” browser settings. Like many other websites, we do not currently alter our practices when we receive Do Not Track signals as there is no consensus among industry participants as to what “Do Not Track” means in this context. However, you have the option to opt-out of interest-based advertising.



If you access the Site from a mobile phone, tablet, automobile, or other electronic device, we may collect and store information such as device type, operating system version and type, unique identifiers (such as mobile advertising ID), wireless carrier, and other related information for that device.

The mobile advertising ID bit is especially bad. That one identifier can act as a total fingerprint for the likes of Googs etc.

So yes, another social platform no better than the big bads when it comes to privacy.


@prologic Here’s the thing I’ve seen from the wonders of doing IT support for people, and hence seeing things like where they browse news and what emails they get: People are fed a completely distorted view of reality. And if you’re seeing that constant stream of awful, and someone says “but you can do your part to save us for $x”… a lot of otherwise very rational people will do it without a second thought.


@prologic Well shitty tech start-ups, with the name of some shitty celebrity attached, always make a shit ton of money - before failing, most of the times.

As for the moderation, during the day or so long test run disaster, people critical of the site or those involved already got the ban hammer and the ToS prohibit quite a bit of speech too.



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