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In-reply-to > I've added a links/ section to my website, e.g. my twtxt.net pseudo-account is at https://envs.net/~duriny/links/twtxt.net/

@~duriny Interesting you spun up a Pod! 🥳 Tell us more 😁


@fastidious O’really? Interesting… @~duriny Do you need a way to visualize Twts in a Web Browser for your client? What if you could borrow the same code from yarnd – And/Or we refactor it a bit so it’s possible for you to “import” and call FormatTwt() and render as HTML? In fact you can already import git.mills.io/yarnsocial/yarn/types/lextwt and use the formatting methods there to do basic HTML rendering already thanks to @xuu and @lyse



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