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Fun fact: I wrote a little Rust program to do the image crossfading. It takes a minute to compile this program. It also takes a minute to fully render the small version of the video, including ImageMagick, ffmpeg, and everything. 🥴

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Here are some ideas for the next version of this video:

  • Don’t take shots at noon but closer to sunrise. That should give more interesting lighting.
  • Equip the Raspberry Pi with some kind of temperature sensor and show the outside temp of every day on the video.
  • Ditch the idea of making a video of an entire year and focus on timelapses throughout the day/night instead. I’ve tried that in the beginning, but the cam is really bad during nighttime. But maybe I could get it to work after all. 🤔 (It’s annoying to wait a year until the video is finished. 😅)

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@movq@www.uninformativ.de Wait, what?! A year has already passed again? No way! Even better, it caught me by surprise, no more waiting. :-) This is an extremely lovely project, mate! Again, just like last time, suddenly: autum. Bam. Out of nowhere. Basically the same with spring, leaves are everywhere after the blink with an eye. But autum with the drop of the leaves is much more extreme. I kind of miss the orangy season, though. I had the impression it lasted longer last time. Not by much, just a little bit longer.

As predicted, I did not saw the accident where you had to re-setup the camera. I tried to spot it, no chance. Very well done!

I’m also loving your new ideas. Go for it!

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Wow, this is really cool. I loved watching that building as it was being painted. :)

Also, Firefox doesn’t seem to like the yuv444p pixel format, at least not in this particular case. I can’t pass up an opportunity to use ffmpeg, so here’s a yuv420p version that Firefox will play: 360p H.264 yuv420p [11.1 MiB]

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