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Went out for an afternoon outing with the family 😁 Twas very nice 👌


@fastidious Aha, that’s interesting! Using the full=1 query parameter I also get the full size version. But sadly this URL is not part of the twtxt feed itself. It turns out, that the other two photos also weren’t full size either, but since they had not been only 200 pixels high, they appeared much bigger. With the full=1 query parameter I get the 4k×3k pixels versions. The full sizes take a very long time to transfer, though. In the higher two digit seconds, that is. Could also be just infrastructure, I don’t know. Alright, the third image even loads for minutes now…


@lyse with the fancier views you also get a “download” link to the full version.

IIRC you’re using a text based client? (Jenny? or is that movq?? 😂) If that’s the case I wonder what we could do to be compatible with that.



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