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(#ck25fya) eh yeah photos will come but I need to tidy the installation. I’ve had the solar setup itself for a while, a 160w solar panel on a regular deep cycle car battery powering an LTE Optus Broadband connection, which feeds into a GL-AR300 mini router connected to a 110m Ethernet run of cable back to my house. Its as Jerry rigged as it comes, but I live quite rural and its been a secondary connection as I only have a satellite broadband connection otherwise 😔 until Starlink lands anyway


(#ck25fya) the server itself is on a Raspberry Pi 3+. Probably the worst internet setup for a public server ever, but its been fine in my testing. Its even loading fine for me on my phone and I’m out and about at the moment, so I dont know why its not loading for others unless its a DNS propergation thing.

 (4 weeks ago)

(#ck25fya) a simple Makefile for forwarding internet to your local machine:

	LOCAL_PORT=$(HOST_PORT); sh -c "$(shell http --form POST $(SSH_HOST) pub=@$(PRIV_KEY).pub | grep ^ssh | head -1 | awk '{ print "ssh -T -p " $$4 " " $$5 " -R " $$7 " -i $(PRIV_KEY)"  }')"

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