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@lyse@lyse.isobeef.org I don’t remember, to be honest. 🤔 I was probably browsing random images on imgur.com and saw someone doing it, so I thought to myself: “Hey, that’s cool, I always liked that, so let’s just buy a pen and some nibs.” 😅 Luckily, that equipment isn’t very expensive … It was just 20 bucks, so why not just give it a shot.

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@lyse@lyse.isobeef.org I use ink pots:

https://movq.de/v/f75e6597bb/1.jpg (oops, 5 MB image)

The nibs are pretty simple:

https://movq.de/v/f75e6597bb/2.jpg (5 MB)

A small amount of ink gets trapped in that little “hook” there. (Dunno how to describe it, that’s what I mean: https://movq.de/v/304d99e6cd/2-2.jpg) Depending on the size of the nib, this lasts for about, hmm, maybe half a line? You have to re-dip quite often, which can be a bit annoying. Then again, it’s not a big issue, because the whole process is super slow anyway. When I was writing birthday cards this way, I think it took about 30-45 minutes to write one card with a couple of lines on it.

It’s a matter of practice to make it uniform – and it also depends on the type of ink. “Scabiosa” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_gall_ink) is not very uniform, it’s the purple-ish stuff in the upper half (I probably ran out of ink on “Xerox” and was too lazy to re-dip):

https://movq.de/v/f75e6597bb/3.jpg (6 MB)

The lower half is some other ink, much more uniform.

Those little ink pots last a really, really long time, by the way. This is the one that I’ve been using the most throughout the years, and there’s still quite a bit left:


I often thought about buying a pen with an integrated cartridge, but I think that it’s better with ink pots. It’s super easy to clean, nothing ever clogs up or dries out. And you can easily switch to another type of ink without much hassle:


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@justamoment@twtxt.net Thanks 😅 To be fair, though, I think it’s easier to write Fraktur than normal handwriting. First, as I said, I’m doing it super slow. Second, that pen/nib has much more “friction” on the paper than a regular pen. I find it much easier to make a straight line this way.

Doing something like this (not mine, got it off Google) is a whole different story: https://movq.de/v/de01805560/s.png

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@movq@www.uninformativ.de Wow, this is super interesting to see! Thank you very much, mate. Now that hook is cool, I’m surprised that it can extend the ink supply that long. Quite genious.

Holy moly, half an hour for a few lines?! This is really something. But the result is totally worth it. Your writings look amazing, let me tell you. I bet the receiver of the birthday card was incredibly pleased.

Do I read the wikipedia article correctly, drying takes around a day? This can’t be true, can it? Anyways, bring us joy with calligraphy in the future. :-)

If you’d take your time, @justamoment@twtxt.net, your handwriting could be nice, too. :-D

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@lyse@lyse.isobeef.org @movq@www.uninformativ.de I forgot to tell you why: I’m dyslexic.

My issue is been able to write something that’s at least readable…

If it’s not in all caps it’ll be a mess (apart from my usual mistakes), even a child’s handwriting is wonderful to me.

If I wrote in a readable way my hands hurts after a couple of minutes, luckily we have computers now. 😋👍

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