I just blocked the following ASN(s) from being able to hit twtxt.net or mills.io:

16509 - AMAZON-02
32934 - FACEBOOK

Why? Because the Claude Bot web crawler from facebookexternalhit and Meta’s facebookexternalhit web crawler are both behaving badly for pages that have no cache headers. Not sure if this is malicious, an oversight, a bug or me just being stupid and not ensuring every web resource or page had appropriate Cache headers? 🤔 In any case, until I hear back from at least facebookexternalhit (whom I’ve reached out to), these ASN(s) will remain entirely blocked.

That is the entirety of Amazon Web Services and Facebook.

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I didn’t know about Claude. How sad—and I am digressing a little—the state of mobile apps is! Everybody wants you to pay ongoing for them, it’s utterly unbelievable. But anyway, totally off topic, I just happened to follow the link, and saw their app on the store.

Block them all! 😂

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