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Hey everyone!

I’m making a simple bot to record my weekly exercise in a Fake League like Duolingo does. If you want to try it, and share some feedback with me, join here: https://t.me/GemuFitBot

What would be more useful to me, is if it worked to motivate you to exercise more every week

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@eaplmx@twtxt.net That reminds me, I should start doing some exercises, too. Years ago, I wrote a web application to track those and two other mates used it as well. This way we motivated us to do our daily pushups and situps. I even extended it to upload GPX trajectories from our bike rides and hikes to show the route on an OSM map. Finally, you could enter your weights and get a nice graph with all the ups and downs. I should revibe this project. And maybe even rewrite it.

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@lyse@lyse.isobeef.org Hey, it’s nice to hear that :D

I guess there are already many tools to do that (my brother uses one when he’s riding a bike, with fancy animations and a 3D map), but when you make your own tool, it tastes differently.

Share with us if you revive it!

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