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And there it is: Another rotation of this feed.

(Yeah, 100 lines is quite low.)

I bet you guys already implemented retrieving archived feeds! :-)


I see your feed has a prev on the header, but older feeds do not have a next. If browsing to older feeds is to be possible, how does one handles the browsing from the oldest, to the next, to the next, and so on? If I am browsing twtxt-old_2021-12-23_f6y65bq.txt, how do I know which is the next newer (but not the newest)?


@fastidious You don’t. A next field was discussed in the original draft, but then it was discarded. It’s easier to implement without it and you don’t really need it for automated feed retrieval. For manual retrieval, though, it would have been helpful.

It was probably discussed in the pull request – or in some twtxt thread, which I can’t find anymore. 🥴



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