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In setting up my own company and it’s internal tools and services and supporting infrastructure, the ony thing I haven’t figured out how to solve “really well” is Email, Calendar and Contacts 😢 All the options that exist “suck”. They suck either in terms of “operational complexity and overheads” or “a poor user experience”.

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@adi@twtxt.net That sadly sits in the “sucks” bucket in both “operational complexity” and “user experience”. You really can’t beat the operational simplicity of standing up Poste.io or the user experience of FastMail, or Gmail. So far we don’t have a godo self-hosted solution that fits both bills to date.

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What Calendar and Contacts?

I have no experience with calendar and contacts, just email, and it’s really good.

I think we have very different ideas of what “operational complexity” means.

Maybe, what’s your definition?

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@prologic@twtxt.net I use the gmail webapp for work, and I have to say that over the years it’s gotten less and less usable. There are so many little usability things that it’s bad at. For instance, if you select a message and hit the Delete key nothing happens. The message is not put in the trash like you’d expect. There are issues like that scattered all over the app. I suspect they spend most of their energy on the spyware side of gmail and dedicate less to making it a useful app for end users (which seems to be true of their search engine too).

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