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@lyse@lyse.isobeef.org interesting question. When I reached the drawing board I got the same question. Should we register everything? Calories, distance, steps, time and such?

I thought it was going to be tedious to type every kind of info, so I went down to a single number representing I did any exercise, being the final goal to do more.

It was burned calories for me…

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So unless you have an automatic way to store all that geeky data, I’ll suggest to ask for the min amount of numbers.

That said, anything user-configurable is a pain in the back since you have to add editors, validators, tutorials and such. I wouldn’t do it yet, unless you have a paying user or similar. Perhaps you can add 2 or 5 presets which you can rename for general purposes. And then you store the amounts for that activity and have an equivalent number across exercises, again, like calories.

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To avoid premature optimization you can have room for further expansions but not implementing it yet. For instance saying “this record is version 1” if it’s V2, then look into this other table with more details.

Just a wild idea, it would depend on your current architecture and how much it could change soon

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