Recent twts in reply to #6rwqiaa

I have removed the moving_average_feed_refresh and now twts from other pods show as they were showing before, fast and furious! I am voting no on the feature to make it to the code permanently. If anything, make it a toggle under pod management, please.


Wouls you be okay with the feature as long as we also had websub between pods? 🤔 Or do you also want to see @movq and @lyse ’s Twts fast and furious too and keep hitting their poor little web servers every min? 😂


@ullarah He likes things to go a bit faster than we do 😅 Hahahaha But in all seriousness I don’t think I’d be prepared to promote the moving_average_feed_refresh until we also. build the websub_feed_notify feature too so they can be tested in conjunction



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