@bmallred@staystrong.run overall this was pretty good and the run-walk intervals kept my heart rate low.

at around 0400 a car came racing (90-100 mph) down gulf blvd towards my direction. it turned its headlights off and actually lost traction at point and skidded a bit. okay, kids. then a bit later i hear the car coming back behind me… so i got as far to the right as i could in case the car skids again. as it passed me i looked over my shoulder and saw a police vehicle a bit back w/o lights on yet. then looking in front another cop and then they blocked the lanes to get the driver to stop. driver decided he wasn’t stopping and tried to swerve around the police and ended up ping-ponging between sides of the road. enough of that…

took a wrong turn after going over the first bridge, but luckily it went in a loop. didn’t really know exactly where i was going anyways and was just winging it from the get-go.

the rest of the run was pretty uneventful and just a fun experience. crazy idea accomplished.

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